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How to Create a Shortcut to Kurio

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2013 10:42AM PDT

(NOTE: Kurio is a password protected site,  you must create the shortcut or bookmark before logging in. If you have already logged in, then just click the sign out link at the bottom of the page to get back to the login page)

iPhone/iPad® - How to create a Home Screen button (Watch Video here)
1. Open your Safari browser and go to your Kurio login screen.
eg: In Miami the Kurio site is:

2. Select the Add button in the navigation bar. The button will look like a Square with an Arrow.
On iPhones the Safari Navigation bar is at the bottom of the Safari window.
On iPads the Safari Navigation bar is at the top of the Safari window.

3. Select ‘Add to Home Screen’.

4. Enter the Title you want to use. We recommend it be: Kurio

5. Click the Add button

Android phone - How to create a home screen button (Watch Video here)
These are general instructions. You may need to check your device's User Guide as Android devices do not have a standard method of adding shortcuts, They are all different.

Method that works on many Android devices:
Creating a Home Screen icon on Android devices can be a 2 part process. First you create a bookmark and then you copy the bookmark to your Home Screen. 

Step 1: Bookmark a webpage
1 Open the webpage to bookmark.
2 Press the Menu icon and touch Add Bookmark. On some Android devices you may have to choose MORE and then you will see the Add Bookmark choice. 
On some devices you will see an option to "add to homescreen"  which will save you from having to do step 2 below.
3. We suggest your shorten the default name to the single word: Kurio
4. Click OK

Step 2: Add a Bookmark to your Home Screen
1. Press the HOME icon to get to your Home Screen
2. Click the Menu button
3. Choose Add
4. Choose Shortcuts
5. Choose Bookmark
6. Select the Kurio Bookmark you created

BlackBerry Torch® - How to create a Home Screen icon

1. To add an icon for Kurio, open your browser and go to the Kurio login page. eg: Agents in Miami  would use:
2. Press the Menu Key (the key with the dots on it)
3. Click Add to Home Screen

Other BlackBerry® Devices - How to create a browser Bookmark

1. Click the Browser Icon
2. Wait for the default webpage to load
3. Press the Menu key on your keypad (key with dots on it)
4. Choose "Bookmarks" (do not choose "Add bookmark"!)
5. On the Bookmark page Highlight the words "Blackberry bookmarks"
6. Press the Menu Key
7. Press "add bookmark". This will bring up a blank bookmark form
8. In the Name field enter "Kurio"
9. In the Address field put in the address for your Kurio website. eg. South East Florida is:
10. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Add button

You can then go to your Bookmark page and click on the Kurio bookmark.
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