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Last Updated: Oct 31, 2012 10:18AM PDT
Kurio Tips and Tricks for Agents
Here are some key features and settings that you will want be aware of when using Kurio.
Be sure to check out the rest of our support website for all the information about Kurio's features.

Setting Up Your Kurio Shortcut (ie: add a link to the Kurio website to the Home Screen of your Device)
Kurio is not an app, it is a website you visit.
How you create the shortcut will vary by mobile device, but one thing is consistent across all of them:  create your shortcut from the AGENT SIGN IN screen. Do not log into Kurio and create the shortcut! You must do it at the sign in page.
Click here for detailed instructions on creating a shortcut

Entering Price Information
Only use numbers when entering a price. Do not use punctuation marks such as dollar signs or comma's. Periods are only allowed if you using the shortcut below:

Price criteria can be entered quickly with the following shortcuts:  
Thousands can be entered as ‘k’ or ‘g’ (i.e. 500000 = 500k or 500g) and millions can be entered as ‘m’ (i.e. 2.4m or .5m)

Improved Smart Searches
Smart Search is found on the My Dashboard page.
You can now do a quick address search for only active listings by using the Smart Search feature and selecting “address active”.
Search multiple listings at a time with Smart Search by ML number.  Simply separate the listing numbers by a comma or a space.

Enhanced Location Based Searches
Refine your search results by property type, price range and radius.  These new filters allow you to target nearby residential listings, commercial properties and rentals.  Set your search radius from .25miles to 20miles in accordance with your needs.

View Similar Properties Nearby (not available in all areas)
From the Listing Details page, select “View Similar Properties Nearby” to see additional listings with similar characteristics to the property you’re viewing.

Set Your Agent Branding
Under the MORE menu -> My Profile be sure to review your contact information and make sure it reflects the email address and phone number you want to display on email communications you send from within Kurio, such as Property Flyers and Invitations to Kurio.  You can also include your Website URL and a photo of yourself.   

Set Your User Preferences To Customize Kurio To Your Needs
1. Home Page Preferences
Under the MORE menu -> Home Page Preferences you can specify what you’d like to see on the Home Page of Kurio. 
For example, if you want to see your Active Listings and Recently Viewed Listings right away when you log into Kurio – select these items from the Home Page preference list and save.  When you next login, your Home Page will display links to those listings!

2. Search Preferences
Under the MORE menu -> Search Preferences you can set how far Kurio should search when you are ‘Viewing Nearby Properties’ or ‘Viewing Similar Properties Nearby’.

3. Display Preferences
Do you want to see the List View or Map View when your search results come up?  Here is where you can set this preference: MORE -> Preferences -> Display Preferences.

Invitations: a great way to interact with your clients! 
Kurio provides each agent with their own personalized Public URL that you can use on your business cards, website or in bulk customer communications.
Some things to remember when setting up your Public URL:
Make it personalized to you and your business.  I.e. Do you sell a lot of condos?  Your URL could be
Do NOT use ‘www’ in your URL.  
Once you’ve created your URL, it cannot be edited so choose carefully and make sure you have everything, including spelling correct, before you click OK.

Contacts! (Not available in all areas)
Kurio allows you to access your client records from your MLS.  Simply use the SYNC option found under MORE->Sync My Contacts to download your client list into Kurio.  If you do not see this option then it is not available in your area.

Send emails and Invitations to your clients and fill in their emails with a few easy key strokes.  I.e. Send an invitation to John Smith by entering ‘JO’ into the NAME: field of the invite and Kurio will automatically present you with a list of clients matching those letters.  Select the one you want and the name and email address populate instantly.

Need to call a contact about a listing?  Under LISTS->My Contacts, select the contact you want and you can access their phone number for a quick and easy call from you mobile phone!  No need to memorize these details or carry them around with you – it’s all there in Kurio!

Lists and Recently Viewed Listings
Find your most important lists together under the LISTS menu.  Get quick access here to your Active Listings, your Office Listings, Recently Viewed Listings (saves last 20 listings viewed) and Favorites.
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